Saemaul Undong Training

It is an intensive training program to share Korea's development experiences with invited government officials and community leaders from developing countries From 1973 to 2021, 62,803 persons from 148 countries completed Saemaul Undong Training, and they now serve as community leaders who develop their neighborhoods based on what took home from the training program. It mainly consists of lectures, field trip, group discussion and action plan.

  • Lectures
    Korea's Saemaul Undong, Saemaul Project and Government's role, How to lead villagers and project, Theory and Practice of Saemaul Undong Training, Saemaul Undong Application Methods, Women' participation and Leadership in Saemaul Undong etc.
  • Field Trip
    Agricultural Distribution Center, several local areas.
  • Group Discussion
    It is to evaluate the essence of problems and find alternative ways through communication and discussion, comparing to the other groups.
  • Action Plan
    It is to set up plans for Saemaul projects to be implemented based on group discussion.