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[April 19th, 2024] 2024 Saemaul Coordinators Invitational Training
2024-04-19 15:45:41

Saemaul Undong Center is inviting 20 Saemaul coordinators from 13 countries to participate in a 4-night, 5-day training session from April 19th (Friday) to April 23rd (Tuesday).


During the training, the coordinators will learn about Korea's Saemaul Undong experiences and success stories. They will also discuss topics such as the roles of cooperation, project execution, accounting, and management, as well as manuals for conducting field education in Saemaul pilot villages. Additionally, there will be discussions on how each country can apply the Saemaul Undong to their respective contexts.


Given that Saemaul Undong is a exemplary model for local development and the promotion of community spirit, it is hoped that the important role of Saemaul coordinators will be effectively applied and widely promoted in each country.